Monday, January 31, 2005

Not Frank Lloyd Wright

This afternoon Amy, Lachlan, and I visited with Mac & Sally Allen. They have been regular Ocracoke visitors (and part-time residents) since the mid-1950's. At that time Mac worked for Arve Sven Wikstrom, a native of Sweden, and an engineer and businessman from New York State.

In 1956-1958 Mr. Wikstrom built the clean-lined U-shaped house near Northern Pond. Situated on a large tract of land, nestled in a grove of beautiful old live oak trees, and overlooking Pamlico Sound, the Wikstrom home was a striking example of modern architecture.

Mac assured me that, contrary to popular opinion, the house was built neither by Frank Lloyd Wright nor by one of his students. Nevertheless, the house suggests the influence of the famous architect.

Mr. Wikstrom was killed in a plane crash more than thirty years ago and the house has stood empty for most of the years since that tragedy.

Today the house is owned by Billy Hegamyer, a direct descendant of William O'Neele who purchased land on Ocracoke Island in 1780. Billy Hegamyer has restored the house which has become a popular location for local weddings and wedding receptions.

Although the house is secluded, accessed only by a long private drive, and unknown to most visitors, it is a reminder of Ocracoke's eclectic history.

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  1. I lived across the street from the Wikstroms in NY (also built by Mr. Wikstrom) and was good friends with Arve Jr. He used to talk about the place in Okracoke but his father had passed away and in the time I was in close contact with them, they never went to Ocracoke. I wasn't sure how much of the stories I had created in my mind with so many years gone past and how much of it was real. I now live in Charlotte--I may have to go see the place some day.