Monday, January 17, 2005

Winter Busy-ness

Ocracoke displays a very different type of "busy-ness" in January & February. There are virtually no tourists on the streets, shops are closed, and the beach is cold and deserted. But much is going on. A few selected examples:

-- The Boyette House has been completely gutted and crews have begun converting the property into comdominiums,

-- Carpenters are busy replacing the roof at the Anchorage Inn,

-- Chris Styron has moved the Creekside Cafe, and is now developing his small lot across the street from the Boyette House,

-- Valerie has moved Village Print into her sister's building, the former Albert Styron Store,

-- New gas pumps are being installed at the Community Store (to serve the docks), and at the Texaco Station,

-- A number of houses are being raised (to prevent flood damage in future storms), including three on Howard Street, and others throughout the village,

-- Darlene Styron has taken over the Fig Tree Deli and is remodeling it and merging it with the Sweet Tooth,

-- The Blue Door Antique Shop is moving up the street towards the Island Inn (Paula & Michael and family will be restoring the former location as their residence),

-- Island Gifts & Christmas Shop has closed, and the property is being converted into an office for Captain's Landing.

This is also the time of year when residents are building new homes, remodeling old ones, making small additions to their businesses, repairing boats, building out buildings, catching up on long-neglected details, and starting to get ready for the next season.


  1. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Thank you so much for the comments on life at Ocracoke. It really keeps me in touch until I can return. This is a great site!

  2. Anonymous12:00 PM

    With the closing of the Alber Styron's Store, the relocation of Sweettooth, etc., has the "onslaught" of the developers, that we've heard so much about the last couple years during our visits there, begun? I pray not! I dread the day if/when Ocracoke loses it's magic island charm.

  3. All of the changes that I am aware of are being made by the present owners of the identified businesses, or by other local residents. And none of the changes is really very drastic.....just some remodeling and shuffling around. It happens every winter.

    Of course, we always worry some about that "onslaught of developers" but Ocracoke has been spared much of what you fear. In fact, some of the changes I mentioned are quite positive. For example, the historic home that was the Blue Door Antique shop will be rehabilitated as a residence for a local family.

    Not all change is bad.

  4. I heard about the Pilot Whales, too (though I don't subscribe to a newspaper, and don't own a TV). I haven't heard anyone on the island mention them. There was a story about them on NPR. Apparently the furthest south they came was Hatteras Island.

    I haven't heard about turtle nests, either. If I do, I'll post a comment.