Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Winter Weather

OK, it's not always warm and pleasant here. Yesterday and today the temperatures have been in the lower twenties. Some people even reported readings in the upper teens. Ice has formed on all the puddles, but it hasn't been cold enough long enough to freeze Silver Lake.

The biggest concern right now is frozen (and then broken) water pipes. Nobody on the island has a basement, of course, so most pipes under houses are exposed to some extent. I am generally prepared for this kind of weather, and haven't had any problems yet.

It's slowly warming up today, so the outlook is improving.

In other news, the carpenters are back working on my old house rehabilitation, and Jerry Ricks tells me someone brought in his dog (dressed in lingerie) for a boudoir photograph. Life on the island is seldom dull.


  1. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Been vacationing at the Outer Banks since 1972 and always enjoy our visits to Ocracoke. The Village Craftsman is the first stop after breakfast at the Pony Island Restaurant. As far as freezing your water pipes; the cure in my native state of Vermont, during a long freezing spell, was to turn the cold water tap on slightly and let it run during the night. I remember dad always doing that just before we retired for the night. Don't ever remember our pipes freezing in the winter. The story of Lawton was a joy to read. See you again probably in July - "Dick & Jane" (Really!) Taylor

  2. Glad you enjoyed the story about my dad.

    We also leave the water dripping (or running as a very small stream) during extremely cold nights, and it usually works. I suppose that's how I prevented frozen pipes these last few days.