Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Yesterday I got so wrapped up in babysitting (playing, visiting neighbors, walking to the P.O., napping [Lachlan, not me] ) that I forgot to make a journal entry.

After babysitting I ventured out to the beach. A strong north wind sent sand through tiny openings in my shoes, and kept my face cold and red. The waves were white and foamy; the water a dull gray-green. The sky was gray-blue with a hint of pink as the sun neared the western horizon. Sanderlings, alone or in widely scattered groups of just two or three, scurried back and forth poking into the tidal areas for tasty morsels.

The winter beach is sometimes stark and bleak, but it always has its rewards.


  1. Anonymous9:56 PM

    You mentioned the sanderlings; I have a question about seagulls. We live in Virginia about 200 miles from the coast but are blessed by the presence of gulls each winter- lots of them. (Yes, I realize they are basically rats with wings, but I love them because they seem to laugh!) Do you know why they fly so far inland during the winter?

    Looking forward to seeing the gulls on Ocracoke this summer,

  2. Lynn, I do not know why gulls travel so far inland. Searching for food is my best guess. In the wintertime we often see dozens of gulls perched on cedar trees, eating the berries. One day I may be lucky enough to have my camera with me. They are truly a sight to see.