Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ocracokers, on this day of lovers, have several choices for gifts for their sweethearts -- a romantic dinner at one of our fine restaurants, roses or other flowers from a local florist, or even boudoir photographs by Heather Johnson.

Interestingly Saint Valentine's Day falls on the day originally celebrated by the Romans as Lupercal ("wolf day"), in honor of Lupercus who was believed to protect their flocks from wolves. It was quite the primitive festival, involving sacrifical death, fertility rites, lots of blood, and unrestrained sex.

Today, of course, the holiday is quite sanitized, but still characterized by blood-red hearts and various levels of passion. Whether you spend the holiday on Ocracoke or elsewhere we hope your life is filled with love -- of family, friends, and/or sweethearts.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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