Monday, February 21, 2005

Making a Slow Recovery

A reader, wishing me a speedy recovery, said, "It's hard to imagine the flu gets out to that island of paradise." I don't know how it got out here, but once on the island, it spreads as if it were in a kindergarten classroom. We all live so close, and come into contact with each other so regularly -- at the Post Office, the stores, the churches, at public meetings, etc.

The stores are sold out of cough medicine. Some folks have developed phneumonia. I'm heading to the clinic this afternoon. But at least I'm beginning to think I won't die.


  1. Anonymous9:08 PM

    We also hope you are feeling better. How is the house coming? Is Lou Ann still in the picture? We love reading your journal. We are looking forward to Molasses Creek coming to Memphis and we can't wait to see that Grandson. If you see any great buys on houses let us know. We would love to come more often to Ocracoke. See you in May when we come to Donald's workshop if not before. You ought to come see us when Molasses Creek comes. We have plenty of beds! Lida & Bill

  2. Bill & Lida,

    Thanks for the invite! I don't believe I'll make it out your way this spring though. I am hoping to see Lou Ann soon. She has a role in the "Vagina Monologues" and is very excited about it. She'll be on the island this summer, beginning with the music/storytelling festival in June.

    I am feeling a little better. Will post more house photos late next month, after the carpenters have finished most (or all) of the inside trim and have painted.

    Please give Lachlan a hug for me!