Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Beached Whales

About a week and a half ago a reader asked what I knew about the beached whales along the Outer Banks. Although I had heard vague reports, I didn't know any details. (I suppose that's one result of my refusal to own a television or subscribe to a daily newspaper.)

Yesterday I received an email newsletter from Ruth Fordon at Ocracoke's Island Pathways. She had this to say:

"Contributing to my winter angst is the story of the whale strandings that occurred on January 15th. Thirty or more pilot whales, 3 pygmy whales and one minke whale have beached themselves at various locations along the shore of Cape Hatteras between Buxton and Corolla. One theory posits that since the pilot whales are known to value community, it is possible that the pod followed a sick whale ashore stranding them all."

It is always sad news to learn of these kinds of wildlife tragedies.

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