Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Fog Horn

Except for those few times each year that I catch an early ferry off the island, it's been decades since I've used an alarm clock. I guess this is one advantage of owning my own business (which, even in the busy season, doesn't open before 9 am), and always having lived within a 5 minute (or less) walking distance to my gallery. But maybe the biggest reason is that we O'cockers operate in a low-pressure, laid-back, "island state of mind" kind of way.

I'll never be caught in a traffic jam on my way to work. I never fret about what clothes I'll wear to work (one t-shirt is as good as the next). It really doesn't even matter if I don't have time to put shoes on.

But this morning I was awakened by an alarm clock of sorts. The Cedar Island ferry was sounding its fog horn every minute as it made its way out of the harbor and across the sound. I lay in bed and listened until the last low blast faded into the fog.

Not a bad way to wake up. I guess I'll go make some breakfast.

1 comment:

  1. Hi,
    As always love keeping up with island via your journal. A couple of years ago I left via SQ early ferry, took beautiful sunrise photos over the island, then got in truck to take a nap. Only to be awaken by the fog horn, that almost sent me through the roof.
    Hope your feeling better,
    Take Care,
    NC Mtns