Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Civic Duty

In a small village like Ocracoke it's important to stay informed. Unfortunately, I've missed a number of recent community meetings & get togethers.

Members of NCCAT (North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching) were here over the weekend and I was invited to a Seafood Fest hosted by the Board of Trustees & Board of Directors, but I had to work. This is the organization that will be taking charge of the decommisioned Coast Guard station. It is a wonderful group of people and we welcome them to Ocracoke.

Unfortunately I had to work this afternoon also* and missed a meeting to consider a public transportation system on the island -- perhaps a trolley to shuttle folks around the village during the busy tourist season. I'll find out what transpired and post a report in a future journal.

Tomorrow night is the monthly Civic & Business Association Meeting, but again I will not be in attendance. I will be in Norfolk picking Lou Ann up at the airport. You can always keep abreast of these meetings here. Links to minutes of recent meetings are listed on this page.

*Miss Dallie, whom you may know from Village Craftsmen, broke her wrist two weeks ago and has not been able to work. She had surgery today, but I haven't heard yet how she's doing. We trust all went well and that she will have a speedy recovery.


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