Saturday, April 16, 2005

Flat Cat Cafe

Yesterday evening a score or more of teens and pre-teens (as well as a handful of us old codgers) braved the rising tide (Highway 12 in front of the Pony Island Motel was under about 6-8 inches of salt water) to listen to music performed by Ocracoke's youth.

The entertainment was quite impressive. A steady offering of rock, rap, folk, and popular music highlighted the abilities of second graders through high schoolers. There was no shortage of talent or stage presence. The performances were truly wonderful. But maybe you just needed to be there to fully appreciate how good they were.

Of course we ended with a traditional Ocracoke square dance. It was great to see how many young people enoyed ending the evening to "swing your partner" and "promenade."

On your next visit to the island look for announcements for the Flat Cat Cafe and come on out. You won't be disappointed.


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