Saturday, April 09, 2005

Suspect Apprehended

Yesterday morning, after the big Howard Street car heists, the prime suspect was arrested after yet another car theft. I understand he walked on to the Hatteras ferry and was picked up on the other side of the inlet.

Reports were circulating throughout the village yesterday that a drifter had been wandering around, generally making a nuisance of himself, acting bizarrely, and getting himself into minor trouble with the sheriff's deputies. His antics seem to have culminated in truly aberrant behavior. I'm told that in custody he was acting very strangely, even aggressively.

One comforting thought is that it's difficult to flee from justice on Ocracoke. Thankfully this sort of thing is rare on the island. Besides, people who cause this kind of trouble seldom find their way here. So I'm sure we'll return to our normally tranquil lives, but we'll have the story of the April car thefts to talk about for years to come!


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