Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Shakespeare, Chaucer, Oxford, & Ocracoke

This evening Charles Temple (mate on the schooner Windfall and high school English teacher) helped me move several pieces of furniture into my new (rehabilitated) house. Afterwards we had dinner at the Flying Melon Restaurant (I ordered the oriental salad with scallops; Charles was in the mood for a juicy hamburger). I was happy to treat, not only because Charles was so kind as to give me a hand, but also because he is such a delightful conversationalist.

Charles is ecstatic that he will be participating in a program at Oxford this summer. He assures me that he plans on being "insufferable" when he returns to the island. Talk over dinner centered around C.S. Lewis, Shakespeare, Chaucer, and our favorite bookstores in London, New York, and Denver. OK, we also told bad jokes about one of our nearby states. (My apologies to all of our readers from that state. I know the jokes are grossly unfair, and that you hate them, but we'd had a beer or two. The jokes did provide a little balance to the evening's conversation, however.)


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