Friday, April 15, 2005

Howling Winds

[Our internet service has been so unreliable that I haven't been able to post for two days. Keep checking the site. I'll write and post whenever possible.]

I drove to Norfolk on Wednesday to pick Lou Ann up at the airport. We arrived at Hatteras Inlet at 10:30 pm, but ferries hadn't run since 8 o'clock. The wind was so strong and gusty that the captain didn't think he could negotiate the turn at marker 13 in the dark. The channel is both shallow and narrow there.

We spent a cold night in the pickup but the ferry ran at 6 am. It's been windy ever since. I've heard reports of wind gusts over 60 mph, and extremely rough passage on the Swan Quarter and Cedar Island ferries before those operations were shut down.

Talk in the village is now focused on the tides. Water has been lapping at the roads in places and islanders have started parking vehicles wherever there's a small hill or rise.

Island life is seldom dull.

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  1. Anonymous7:33 PM

    Hopefully the good thing was there were no mosquitoes. I remember one night before the ferries ran so late, sitting in a small VW Bug (summer) getting eaten alive. Glad you are now safe and sound on the island. Carol in Ohio