Monday, November 28, 2005

Another Summer Day

Did you ever have have the feeling that the other shoe was going to drop? Our weather has been so incredibly warm and beautiful this fall that it makes one a little antsy. As we were sitting outside enjoying our lunch today I mentioned to Frank that it it was another lovely summer day. He just shook his head and chuckled. It can't last forever, we know that, but what a wonderful gift at the end of November!

Our current monthly Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of Ocracoke's Street Names, published November 19, 2005. You can read it here:


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  1. I had the chance to read your defense of Halloween in the Ocracoker and want to thank you for providing a balanced rejoinder to Pastor Sam Garris' article offering a superficial critique of the holiday. Many of our American celebrations have beginnings in the distant past, some with more dubious origins than others. Still, celebrations (like people) should not be judged solely by their beginnings.

    I do lament the current state of Halloween celebrations on the mainland. The charm of young children dressing up in costumes and visiting neighbors is overshadowed by senseless acts of thuggery that endanger our little ones and threaten Halloween, as well. Fortunately, Ocracoke does not have this problem.

    Islanders not only know their neighbors, but care and protect them as well. I think that your public reaction to the narrow-minded comments helps to protect your island neighbors. I hope it protects the young minister from espousing views without intellectual integrity. By cherry-picking Halloween and ignoring other "pagan" influences in the community (and in the chruch), he is not being honest with himself or his readers. He is certainly entitled to his beliefs; but, when dogma is disseminated from a pulpit or a newspaper without challenge, it is dangerous for a community. Thanks for standing in the breach.


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