Monday, November 07, 2005

A Dip in the Ocean

Oh, it's November, alright. The calendar tells us that. And I've noticed that the poison ivy leaves are starting to turn yellow (most island trees -- cedars, live oaks, yaupons -- remain green year 'round). And Thanksgiving is just around the corner. But, my, has it been warm & sunny this fall.

Amy, David, Lachlan, and I spent an hour at the beach yesterday afternoon. We walked, played in the sand, picked up shells, and watched brightly colored kites floating effortlessly against the bluest sky. We even waded and splashed in the tidal pools.

A couple of days ago I decided that the days were just too wonderful not to take at least one more plunge into the surf. The water was cool, but it didn't take my breath away. I've decided that to count as ocean swimming one must dive completely under the waves at least three times. I must admit that I didn't stay in the water for a long time (after all Lou Ann is in Indiana and I was swimming alone), but it was definitely refreshing.

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