Friday, November 11, 2005

John Lovick

Perhaps it doesn't happen often, but now and then you might hear John Lovick's name come up in a conversation in the lobby of the Ocracoke Post Office or on the porch of the Community Store. Lovick was one of the first colonial owners of Ocracoke Island. He never lived here, but he apparently used the island for grazing livestock (he didn't need fences to keep his property from wandering too far away).

As early as 1578 Queen Elizabeth I had granted the area which has become North Carolina to Sir Humphrey Gilbert. In 1584 the grant was renewed to Gilbert's half brother, Walter Raleigh, and a charter was granted to the "Virginia Company of London" in 1606. That charter was revoked in 1624 and the colony became the property of the crown. Five years later King Charles I conveyed "Carolana" to Sir Robert Heath.

After the re-establishment of the monarchy Charles II, to reward faithful supporters, revoked the grant to Robert Heath and in 1663 granted the territory to eight "Lords Proprieters." It was they, who on November 11, 1719, granted Ocracoke Island to John Lovick, Secretary of the Colony of North Carolina and a Deputy of the Lords Proprieters. The land was described as "Beginning at Hatteras Inlet and running to Occacok Inlet," about 2,110 acres.

Lovick was born in England and came to these shores in January of 1712/13 (depending on whether one reckons the date by the [old] Julian or [new]) Gregorian calendar), and was a prominent citizen in the colony, and friend of Governor Charles Eden. Eden, you may remember, was allied with Edward Teach (most frequently known as "Blackbeard" the pirate).

It is a testimony to islanders' sense of our history and heritage that John Lovick is still remembered (at least by some) 286 years to the day after his first official connection to Ocracoke Island.

In recognition of more contemporary history, Ocracokers, along with the rest of our country, celebrate Veterans' Day today, in honor of native islanders and other Americans who have served in our armed forces.

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