Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sunny & Warm

That's the forecast for the rest of the week, although there are some clouds in the sky today, and it's a few degrees cooler than yesterday. There's also a steady breeze blowing. Temperatures should be in the low 70's again by the weekend. And that's good news for our second annual Village Days. Come join us if you can. There will be live music, flea markets, a traditional island square dance, walking tours of village artisans, porch talks, and much more. The dates are November 4-6.

Our current monthly Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of George & Jule, published October 29, 2005. You can read it here:



  1. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Coming over on the Noon Cedar Island on Saturday. Is their a website that has the list of events for the weekend, or can you post them. Would like to do your walking tour again, if room on Saturday night, some others in my group of fishermen/R&R nuts might also like to do it. Plus like to support what ever is happening on Sunday.

    Wife is sorry she want make it this year, but she'll be down end of next week. Might suggest to powers-that-be, that they plan this Event for Veterans Day weekend in 06, that's when it was last year. More tourist might be on the Island during this long weekend.

    Mtns. of NC

  2. Village Days schedule is posted on Friday, November 4.