Wednesday, November 16, 2005


It's great being a grandparent. David has been off-island (playing his fiddle with Molasses Creek, but I can't remember where), and Amy was working yesterday afternoon at Ocracoke Restoration. So I was babysitting. We walked down to the bank with a deposit, then went to the post office to pick up the mail. On the way back we stopped at the Variety Store and Books to be Red (to purchase a couple of holiday gifts). Of course we had to stop and chat everywhere we went.

Then we strolled down Lighthouse Road to take a look at "Annie Moore's" house. Ann Ehringhaus recently bought the house from Annie Moore's heirs and just had it raised several days ago. On the way we stopped to look at the lighthouse (Lachlan loves the lighthouse). The weather was so very wonderful that I sat down against a tree and Lachlan spent the better part of an hour just wandering around barefooted, picking up sticks and acorns, and showing them to me.

Back down Lighthouse Road we stopped to visit with Blanche Styron. She doesn't get out too much any more. Across the street we spied Isabel Morris feeding her cats so we stepped over there for a few minutes also. She no longer drives so she was happy to see us, if only for a few minutes.

By the time we arrived back home to sit on the front porch the sun was setting and it was almost time to carry the little one back to his mama. We had a great afternoon together. After supper I went back to my office to catch up on a few details. Then back home to curl up with my latest book, _The Fabric of the Cosmos_ by Brian Greene. Seems to me this is what life is all about -- spending time with grandyounguns, visiting friends and neighbors, enjoying a fascinating book, and even working now and then..

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  1. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day!! Judy