Saturday, January 21, 2006

Beach Weather

Weather forecasters are calling for rain showers later this afternoon and into tomorrow. But right now it is sunny with temperatures in the mid-60s -- a perfect day to play on the beach with Lachlan. David, Lachlan, & I (his momma had another committment) walked across the beach at 10:00 this morning and stayed until 11:30. Friends came by with their two-year-old (as well as other children and five dogs!) and we all had a grand time climbing on and jumping off of a 24 foot long, 3 foot diameter log (it looks more like a whale bone) that washed up on the beach months ago (maybe it was during hurricane Ophelia).

Amy, David, Lachlan, & I are planning a cookout later this afternoon (if the rain holds off long enough). So I guess I'll sign off & bike down to the Community Store for potato salad ingredients.

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