Sunday, January 22, 2006


Every now and then a bunch of us guys get together for breakfast. This morning at 9 o'clock we gathered at my house. Everyone brought different ingredients and in no time we had the frying pans sizzling on the stove. Our "farmer's breakfast" of eggs, potatoes, onions, & bacon (with various spices) was complemented with cheese grits, fruit salad, coffee, orange juice, and biscuits (topped with butter & blueberry jam).

It was the perfect day for a late breakfast. The sky is gray, the temperature cool, and a light rain is falling. We told stories about boats, building projects, & pranks (my favorite was the time, a number of years ago, that four young O'cockers climbed the water tower and jumped into the tank for a swim!).

Our current monthly Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of Ocracoke's Street Names, Part II, published December 19, 2005. You can read it here:


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