Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sunny, Warm, & Cold

As predicted, the days this week have been in the 60s with lots of sunshine. Nevertheless I took two jackets with me to the beach this afternoon. And I was glad I did. It was not bitter cold, but the water does keep it cool out there.

The surf was calmer today so I looked for dolphins. But not a one was to be seen -- until I was almost ready to walk back across the dunes. Then there they were. Only a small pod, but moving methodically north just beyond the breakers.

Farther out was a black "carpet" of cormorants. Thousands of them had been flying in from the northwest. They settled out several hundred yards beyond the breakers. I'm not exactly sure what they do out there, but it's interesting to watch them fly in, skim just above the surface, circle around, and then land all together in a group.

Oh yes, I found two lettered olives and a large conch. They weren't perfect. They all had at least one small hole, but they were worth picking up.

Maybe you don't have sixteen miles of beach where you live, but I hope you get out in the woods, or in a park, or maybe just in your back yard regularly. There is so much to enjoy. And right now the moon is waxing. It really is a grand sight. Maybe you'll want to go take a look.

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