Friday, January 20, 2006

Impromptu Potluck

Captain Rob Temple & his wife, Sundae Horn, hosted a last-minute potluck dinner last night in part to introduce some visiting friends to their island home. After a wonderful repast of black bean casserole, potato salad, deviled eggs, quiche, & beans, Rob & his nephew Charles brought in the freshly steamed oysters! We spread old newspapers out on the dining room table and in no time at all we had a pile of empty shells spilling over onto the floor.

Then it was time to break out the desserts -- brownies, pineapple & cheese casserole, cookies, & key lime pie. But that was only the beginning. After supper all of the musicians (and there were almost a dozen) pulled their chairs into a circle and opened up their instrument cases. There were a couple of guitars, a bass, four fiddles, a dobro, a mandolin, several harmonicas, and a penny whistle. What a house concert we had. I'd say there's never (or at least seldom) a dull moment on Ocracoke Island.

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