Sunday, January 08, 2006


Last night at the Meekers' get-together Captain Rob Temple (of the schooner "Windfall") mentioned that he was taking his vessel up to a boat yard for his annual Coast Guard inspection. And he wondered if I would like to join him & another friend, Dave Frum.

We left the Community Store dock this morning at 8 am and had a delightful sail out in Pamlico Sound. It was cold in the morning, but the sun warmed us up by noon. There was hardly another boat on the water all day, and the wind was nearly perfect. We sailed along at about 7 knots and arrived at the yard in mid-afternoon.

The Windfall is a traditional two-masted schooner with red sails. All the work is done by hand, and the helm is on the open deck. This was definitely not a Carnival Cruise, but this is the kind of "adventure" that suits me just fine. We feasted on Rob's ham biscuits, my hard boiled eggs, chocolate peanut clusters, and beer. We even spied a few dolphins along the way.

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