Thursday, September 14, 2006

Out Front Fun

Yesterday I had fun. Usually I work in the "back" and don't have the opportunity to meet visitors to the shop unless there is a question or a problem and I'm called upon. I have an office behind the scenes where I do the buying, take care of the mailorders and pay the bills etc. If you call Village Craftsmen during the week chances are you'll speak with me. I really enjoy what I do. Besides, I think Philip is a little hesitant to have me out front because I'm not always what one would call" politically correct". MMMM? He's probably right. But yesterday Dallie was off, I had Dale in the back opening merchandise and I was to the counter! Ha! The folks who came in were delightful, we kidded and laughed and I even sold a few things. And just in case Philip reads this....... I don't believe I offended a single person!

You can read our latest newsletter here. It's a history of Ocracoke's historic Howard Street


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  1. Anonymous11:01 PM

    I ordered some merchandise from Village Craftsmen last year, so it must have been you that I spoke to. We had a great converstation, as I recall, and not a politically incorrect word was said by either of us! I thoroughly enjoyed talking with you. And the merchandise was nice, too...Judy