Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ring Them Bells!

Living here on Ocracoke sometimes we have to look for a little excitment and at times it is indeed "little" or it must seem so to all of you out there in the "big" world. Our Methodist Church sits across Howard St.from the shop
and next to the graveyards ( a shells throw ) . It has electronic chimes which ring out the hours of 9AM, 12 and 3PM and 6PM when it also plays a couple of hymns. Well, we've had right much rain this past week and it must have gotten to the electronics in the chimes because at noon today they let loose! First they played the scales then random notes we first assumed was some hymn or other, then finally ended this concert with noises that resembled a cross between a wild turkey call and a dog killing a duck. This all kept up over and over loudly for about 20 minutes before ending abruptly. We're all wondering who caused the abruptly! Hopefully the rain will stop, the chimes will dry out and we'll find something else to get excited about to

You can read our latest newsletter here. It's a history of Ocracoke's historic Howard Street



  1. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Might be time to check on Euphemia, maybe she doesn't like being written about!

    Bill in the Piedmont

  2. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Many spirits, after they cross over to the other side, make themselves known by interfering with electrical gadgets - maybe Danny is sending you greetings!