Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Beach & Cookies

Several days ago I mentioned starting my beach walk with a long sleeve shirt and ending in a t-shirt. Yesterday afternoon I started barefooted, and in a t-shirt, and ended by pulling my t-shirt off. I can't remember when it's been this warm in mid-December.

I'm told that the fishing is not good, but I did see quite a few pelicans diving for their dinner.

The Library cookie swap is this evening. Maybe I'll bake a batch this year and come home with a variety of other kinds. It sure sounds like a good idea.

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Our latest Newsletter is about the old Howard cemetery on British Cemetery Road. You can read the stories here.


  1. Anonymous2:57 PM


    I left this question on the post of Dec 3 about your off island day. After noting the Alltel stop, I had the following question:

    Do you use Alltel as your internet service provider?

    Just wondering as am thinking of getting wireless internet service from Alltel.

    I have not talked to Alltel yet and couldn't tell from their service map, if it is available on Ocracoke.

    I know Alltel phone service is very good on the island.


  2. Pelicans diving for their dinner is a very good sign. I am patiently waiting for the Stripers to show up. Someday soon. Thank you for doing what you do with your blog. It really helps us to feel connected to the island when we can't be there. John & Joan

  3. Sarah,

    I have Sprint DSL for my wireless internet provider. No problems generally. My cell phone is Alltel. I know that some other phones now work on Ocracoke, but most folks on the island have Alltel because for a while it was the only company that offered service here, and it is still reliable. No complaints from me. But I have no idea if Alltel offers wireless internet service. Maybe some other readers can answer your question.

    John & Joan,

    Thanks for the compliment. Glad you enjoy the connection.