Saturday, February 28, 2009

February Newsletter

Back in December Lou Ann and I joined Peter Vankevitch and a couple of dozen other serious birders for a boat trip to Portsmouth Island. The occasion was the annual Christmas Bird Count. As many of our readers know, winter is the best time to visit Portsmouth island, if only because the mosquitoes are gone. Besides that, it was pleasantly warm with bright blue skies.

Lou Ann tells the story so well. You can read about it in our February, 2009 Ocracoke Newsletter.



  1. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Philip, Oh my! Reading about LouAnn's day on Portsmouth made me wish that I was there even more than usual. It sounds like the kind of day that my best friend and I would like together.
    Peaceful, quiet, reflective and just enjoying the day. Two more months and we will be back for our annual time on your lovely island. Looking forward to more exploring!!

  2. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Terrific story by Lou Ann. Methinks that woman has the magic touch.


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