Wednesday, February 04, 2009

An Interesting Tidbit

Yesterday I was organizing a stack of papers when I came across a 1956 publication, "Geographical History of the Carolina Banks," by the Coastal Studies Institute of the Louisiana State University. I glanced through the 250 page document, looking at the sections I had underlined years ago. I was intrigued by these paragraphs:

"Portsmouth Township is the only district to show a decline since 1870.... Portsmouth's fall has been rather steady since the Civil War....In 1955 Portsmouth's permanent population was eighteen. It should be expected to rise in future years because all the lots and empty houses have been bought up in anticipation of increased tourist business....

"Ocracoke's population has not changed greatly since 1900.... Ocracoke's population will rise with the paving of the road to Hatteras Inlet, the provision of free ferry service across Hatteras Inlet, and the subsequent invasion of the island by greater numbers of tourists."

The authors were correct about Ocracoke, but not about Portsmouth. Interesting.

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