Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Quiet Day

Summer visitors to Ocracoke often ask what we "do all winter." Those of us who live here laugh and joke about this question as we try to juggle wintertime demands on our time. Although activities in the off-season can be highly rewarding (music get-togethers, parties, pot luck dinners, time with family & friends, card games, and the like) they sometimes conflict, and can take time and energy. There are other demands on time as well -- community meetings, water-related activities like scalloping & oystering, home repair, business chores, etc.

For several weeks I've been engaged on and off with chimney demolition and the resulting carpentry project at Village Craftsmen, interspersed with tax preparations, catching up on correspondence, writing, etc. I didn't realize how worn out I was...until I fell asleep right after dinner last night, and didn't wake up until this morning. So I decided to take it easy today. Other than a bike ride to the post office and the store I've spent most of the day reading and working a couple of crossword puzzles. It has been a welcome change.

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