Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Scalloping Photos

As promised, here are several photos Amy took Sunday afternoon. She didn't take any out on the shoals because she didn't want to get her camera wet.

Philip & Dave Frum getting ready to take the kayak off the pickup truck:

(Click on photo to see larger image.)

Launching the kayak to get across the slough to shallow water:

(Click on photo to see larger image.)

David & Lachlan hauling our treasure down the lane:

(Click on photo to see larger image.)

A half bushel of bay scallops, fresh from the Sound:

(Click on photo to see larger image.)

Amy & Philip shucking scallops:

(Click on photo to see larger image.)

Extricating the tasty morsel:

(Click on photo to see larger image.)

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter provides more information about the majestic live oaks on Ocracoke Island. You can read it here.

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  1. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Thank you for the photos. I was looking forward to them! I enjoyed learning about the seagulls and scallops and scalloping. I enjoy your blog daily.
    Durham, NC

  2. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Great pics, Philip! Thanks for sharing, as always. Do you know of any restaurants that plan on opening for Valentine's weekend? We are getting away for the weekend and can only wish for scallops that look this delectable! See you soon, jackandceleste

  3. I believe that Jason's will be open for Valentine's weekend; and a new restaurant, Riley's, has replaced Mango Loco. They opened a couple of days ago. It is possible that other restaurants will open for that weekend. Maybe other readers have more information.

  4. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Thanks for the info on the restaurants. As usual, we are counting the days (10!) until we are on island again. I would love to hear if anyone has eaten at Riley's, what the cuisine is, etc. Stay warm and there is a possiblility of more snow headed your way. See you soon! jackandceleste

  5. Anonymous8:16 AM

    These scallops look mouth-watering! I love scallops (as Amy might remember) but I hardly ever get them here in Germany, pretty far away from any ocean. And I believe they cost the equivalent of more than $ 1,50 per piece when you buy them at markets here.
    I love reading your blog, Philip, when I take a break from work. Take care and hi to Amy, David and Lachlan.
    Berlin, Germany