Thursday, February 12, 2009

Island Humor

Native islanders love to tease; and they especially enjoy calling attention to each other's minor foibles. Last week I needed a few empty boxes so decided to stop by the ABC store (they usually have a dozen or so stacked on the porch by the hardware store). As I was pulling into the nearly empty parking lot I spotted my space right next to the water company pickup truck. David & Earl were getting into the truck and I knew I had just enough time to scoot behind them before they backed out.

When I opened my door I noticed Earl and David in convulsions of laughter. Earl rolled down his window. Between guffaws he informed me that David had just nodded toward my car and asked, "Who's that ------- idiot?" Then they both erupted in more unrestrained laughter. "Why, it's Philip Howard!" they burst out.

Those two have enjoyed teasing me for years (since the mid 1970s when I taught them in school).

After more mutual teasing and laughter, they pulled out and I ran up on the porch to discover no boxes and a closed sign on the ABC store door. As I approached my car I noticed the water company truck pulling back next to me. Earl and David were beside themselves again as they pointed out that I sure was in a mighty big hurry to get a bottle of booze at mid-morning.

I explained that I was just looking for boxes,,...and that just set them off again. "Oh sure," Earl chortled, "and I'm sure you just read the articles in Playboy!" With a grin and a smirk they motored off.

I saw Earl in the grocery store yesterday and he was still enjoying the joke. At the checkout counter I mentioned to him that one of the reasons I like Ocracoke so much is that folks don't take themselves so seriously here. "That's for sure," Earl said. "In some places one of us might have ended up with a bloody nose."

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter provides more information about the majestic live oaks on Ocracoke Island. You can read it here.

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  1. Dear Philip, I trust you remember me from our email exchange last April or so. I want to share something with you, but I find your email address (the one at bounces now. Can you send me another, at dilip DOT fb AT

    I'm going to try hard to get a copy of your new book!

    All good wishes,
    Dilip D'Souza

  2. Dilip,

    I sent you an email this morning. If you don't get it please let me know.