Saturday, May 22, 2010

Schooner Windfall Newsletter

Yesterday I published our latest Ocracoke Newsletter. This month we are honored to have a guest columnist, Captain Rob Temple of the Schooner Windfall. Many of our readers may have heard that the Windfall has been retired (though Captain Rob has not). Ocracoke now has another schooner (Windfall II) in Silver Lake harbor, at the Community Store dock.

You can read Captain Rob's essay, "Schooner Windfall Sails into the Final Sunset," here:


  1. Julie S.10:01 PM

    #1 question,#2 thanks. #1. Last week while vacationing on the island we saw a gelatinous substance washing ashore that formed a cloth-like webbing as it disbursed. Do you know if this is an oil absorbing substance from the recent disaster? #2 Would you tell Amy that we enjoyed her Tuesday tour? My 81 year old father was "ready for bed" at the end of the tour and did not get to stay and say thanks. I'd hate for one ASU gal to think another snubbed her!
    Thanks. Julie S.

  2. Julie, I have no idea what the item was that you saw on the beach. I doubt it was from the recent Gulf disaster. Occasionally we get flotsam from trawlers that operate off-shore.

    I will give Amy your message when we go out for brunch today (it's her birthday). I'm glad you enjoyed the tour.

  3. Hate to see the Windfall go, but cant wait to see the new one sailing out of Silver Lake.

  4. Julie S.10:09 AM

    After having see the ABC news item about chemical disbursements being sprayed from planes and boats and washing up on shore, I am pretty sure what I saw was just that. It sure made a mess on the fishing lines!