Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sprucing Up

It's that time of year -- winter is behind us...and hot, humid, buggy weather has not yet arrived. Ocracoke islanders have been getting as many outdoor chores accomplished as possible. Just last week I had my outbuilding (Miss Wilma's turn-of-the-century wash house that I moved to my property about twenty years ago) repainted. Yesterday I gathered up all my tools, clam rakes, and assorted other items that were cluttering my yard and piled on my picnic table...and hung them on the outside of the wash house.

My neighbor was surprised that I decided not to repaint the green door (I'm just going to varnish over it). I think it adds character to the building.

(Click on the photo to view a larger image.)

If you haven't read about installing the hand pump, just click here. It's a great story.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter celebrates colorful islander Don Wood (1936-1998). You can read it here:


  1. Anonymous8:29 AM

    The property already has A character. Hmm take some close up photos take photos to frame and then hang them on the wall and then consider painting the door.

  2. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Now, Philip, surely you KNEW deciding against painting the green door to the wash house building would create a buzz! :)

    Personally, I think if you WANT to paint the door....fine! If you DON"T WANT to paint it...fine!

    But, you're gonna get comments either way!

    On Ocracoke island, folks can get away with rustic charm so much better than those of us who reside on the mainland!

    Thanks for sharing the close-up pic!

    Until the next time....

  3. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Folks, take Philip's advice and read the story about the hand pump! It's thoroughly entertaining from start to finish, but it is also a darn good example for all of us to remember how important the "old ways" are and to pass these experiences to the younger generations.

    Great story!

  4. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Wait a minute granted this is a tool shed but what you do with the tools-- You want to be successful. I suggest applying the Fung Shui approach and it helps in selecting a color it does allow for a black door which is a career accent color. If you want to grow beautiful things perhaps THE FUNG sHUI APPROACH TO COLOR SELECTION WOULD HELP. bUT pLEASE DOCUMENT THE DOOR AND CREATE A POSTER TO SELL TO GENERATE FUNDS i AM SURE A PHOTO OF A DOOR WHICH NO LONGER EXITS BUT IS AS CHARMING AS ALL GET OUT WOULD SELL BETTER BECAUSE IF THE DOOR EXISTED I COULD WALK UP AND PHOTOGRAPH IT MYSELF WHEN NO ONE IS LOOKING lol

  5. Anonymous5:42 PM

    I think that door could use a good coat of paint. How about red? I could come over and paint it sometime . . . when you ain't home.

  6. LOL...Philip! I like the green door! And, I adds acharacer to the building. It's very "retro" and very interesting to me. In fact, the whole building is pretty cool, especially with the buoys handing beside the door. I love the whole thing!

  7. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Is that a hot tub by the pump! Ha! Ha!

  8. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Looks like a hot tub (in the sun) and a cold tub (in the shade).