Monday, October 18, 2010

Hyde County Emergency Services Dabate

Even though it sometimes seems as if Ocracoke is a world unto itself, it is not. We are part of Hyde County, NC in which there is not a single incorporated community. We are governed by a 5 member Board of Commissioners one of whom lives on Ocracoke Island.

The Board is meeting today (Mon. Oct. 18) at 3:30 in Swan Quarter to discuss its Review Committee's report on the funding and level of Emergency Services (EMS) in Hyde County. Ocracokers can watch the meeting via video conferencing in the Information Highway Room Area of Ocracoke School. There will be no public input at this meeting, however there is opportunity for public comments on this and any other subject at the regular meeting to follow at 7:00 (in the Commons Room at the school.) And the presence of a crowd listening in here on Ocracoke will make a "silent statement".

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of Ocracoke native Major General Ira Thomas Wyche. You can read the complete story here:

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  1. Look ma! Their haven' one of them thar da-bates!