Friday, October 01, 2010

More Scuttlebutt

About an hour ago I heard that there may be a navigable channel for the Hatteras Inlet ferries, but they can't use it until the US Army Corps of Engineers inspects and approves it, and the US Coast Guard moves the buoys. Word is that they expect the channel to be approved and marked sometime later today or tomorrow. Remember, this is simply the word on the streets of Ocracoke...not an official report. This may not be accurate. Please check the NC Ferry Division for official reports.


  1. So, how long does it take to dredge a channel for the Ferries? If you live at Cedar Island or one of the communities in that area, they have to drive all the way to Swans Quarter to come over to the island? Another price you have to pay to live in paradise, I guess.

  2. Dredging time depends on the condition of the channel. Both Cedar Island and Swan Quarter ferries are running. The problem has been at Hatteras Inlet. So if you are trying to get back to Ocracoke from Hatteras, and those ferries are not operating, you can "drive around" to Swan Quarter.