Friday, July 08, 2011


Lee, a friend of ours, is on the island for about ten days with his three daughters. Lee is an artist and does wonderful caricatures.Here is a photo of him working on the porch at the Black Schooner, Ocracoke's new nautical shop on the docks at the Community Square.

(Click on photo to view a larger image.)

And below is one of Lee's caricatures of "yours truly."

(Click on photo to view a larger image.)

If you are on the island these next few days you may see Lee somewhere in the village sitting at his easel. Maybe you'll get a drawing to carry home!

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is a modern day ghost tale, "Ode to Mrs. Godfrey," by guest columnist Tom McDonald. You can read it here:


  1. Looks familiar. Bill Jones? Al Scarborough? Rob Temple?

  2. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Terrific caricature of you, Philip....the smile was the give away! Love it! Your friend, Lee, is most talented and obviously has a wonderful sense of humor.

    Also the photo itself is amazing...I spent several minutes just looking at everything in it. I instantly recognized the location even before I read your entire blog. It's iconic Ocracoke Village....right where all the activity is and I could hear the inviting Silver Lake harbor noises...flags flapping against flagpoles, seagulls calling & fussing, dogs barking, pelicans landing, people chatting, baby crying, boats churning, water lapping, ferry horn blowing, & oh so many more interesting sounds which we mainlanders cherish when we are visiting.

    It's not just the sights of O.I. which make Ocracoke beautiful and oh so special, but it's the experience we get from all the senses: sound, smell, touch and taste which make O.I. so unique and charming.

    A photo like the one you've included in your blog today makes me feel rather melancholy...just wishing I was there in the middle of it all!

    Thank you, Philip, for once again sharing O.I. and giving your bloggers, near and far, a true O.I. experience....priceless!

  3. love the picture. Is this the building of a shop called the gathering Place I believe? did it go out of business? This is one of my favorite spots. I liked to sit on the porch swing and listen to wind chimes and birds

  4. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Haha-shoulda done one of u in drag.

  5. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Yes, Pat, you are correct...although I'm a Person county, NC mainlander, I can answer this question. Charles Temple's parents have a shop there in the former "Gathering Place" and Charles' mother manages the store. You will recall Charles is the teacher who won recently won the thrilling $100K Jeopardy teacher's tournament.

    I can't remember exactly when, but I've recently read an article about the store and viewed a picture of Capt. Rob and his wife. It may have been in the Ocracoke newspaper, which I subscribe and receive throughout the year. Philip has also mentioned it at some point in his blog.

    Hope this info helps a little....

  6. Capt. Rob and Sundae's nautical store is called "The Black Schooner." Charles' father is Gray Temple, Rob's brother.

  7. Thank you NC mainlander. Do you know any history of the house?

  8. Anonymous6:31 PM

    No, but I know Philip will....boy, I love this blog!

    Thanks, Philip, for correcting my error on the Temple family tree...was it your blog or the Ocracoke newspaper where I saw the article about the new shop in The Gathering Place?

  9. I'll write a little about the Black Schooner/Gathering Place house in a future blog post. Look for it sometime next week.

  10. Anonymous9:03 AM

    That'll be great....will look forward to reading your future blog about Black Schooner/Gathering Place.

  11. Anonymous10:11 AM

    In Philip's July 7 "Bawdy" post, there is a sultry photograph of Sundae Horn, who manages the Black Schooner shop in the former Gathering Place house and who is married to Rob Temple. Sundae is the middle one of the three beauties. She is a serious, talented singer and writer, and in real life, she does not wear that screaming lipstick.

  12. Sundae Horn8:59 AM

    Ha! Sometimes I do wear that lipstick in real life! I bought it because I have a make-up bag that says "Nothing says 'Hello Sailor' quite like ruby red lipstick" and I needed the lipstick to match. (The bag is from the hilarious Anne Taintor collection available at Books to Be Red).

    The bawdy show gives me an excuse for the ruby red lipstick and the pirate wench dress.

    Can't believe I was mistaken for Charles's mom! I am only 5 years older than he is. I do make him call me Aunty Sundae.

    Philip, I hope you will research the history of the Black Schooner house because I get asked about it all the time...

    The Ocracoke Observer did a story about our shop in the May issue. You can find the Black Schooner on facebook, where there are inside and outside photos.


  13. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Now I am curious how you got your name, Sundae! Like it very much!

  14. Sundae Horn9:51 AM

    Thanks, Anonymous! My mom's excuse was that it was 1967 and she was 19 years old, and Sundae seemed like a good idea at the time. My dad liked Sunday and my mom changed the spelling because I was born on a Thursday. Philip wants me to tell you all that I was conceived in a Dairy Queen parking lot, but maybe I should save that for the Bawdy Show!

  15. The Dairy Queen explanation is the only story about Sundae's name that she's ever shared with me (or maybe that's the only story I remember!).