Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ocracoke Foundation

Two days ago I mentioned the Ocracoke Foundation. Under the competent and creative direction of Robin Payne OF has accomplished some outstanding projects in recent years. Among them are the establishment of the Ocracoke Working Watermen's Association, saving our island fish house, WOVV 90.1 (our local radio station), and the Working Watermen's Exhibit on the docks.

Current projects include Oyster Restoration, Assessing Harbor Water Quality, and the Revitalization of the Community Square.

Please visit their web site for more information about exciting initiatives from the Ocracoke Foundation:
Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is an article by my Uncle Marvin written in 1954. You can read it here:


  1. Anonymous9:47 PM

    Was the Assembly of God church moved in 2003 or 2004? One article I read said it was moved in the fall of 2003, but the rental listing says 2004. I was particularly curious if it was moved in the fall of 2003, that was when Isabel came through. Was it scheduled to be moved in the fall of 2003 but postponed because of the hurricane?

  2. Anonymous8:16 AM

    One more question about the church ... was the new church built on the same site? And if so, did worshippers use the old church at it's new site until the new one was built?

  3. Jackie -- from my blog of March 3, 2004: "the Assembly of God church building was moved this winter. It...will be converted to a rental cottage (named "Almost Heaven" we understand). Construction was begun on a new Assembly of God sanctuary on Lighthouse Road several days ago."

    Also, my January 9, 2004 Ocracoke Newsletter mentions that the A of G church was moved that winter.

    I am guessing it was moved in November or December of 2003, but I haven't checked with anyone else. I don't think hurricane Isabel (September, 2003) had anything to do with it. Maybe one of our readers knows the exact date the church was moved.

    The new church was built on the same site as the old church. The congregation did not meet in the old building after it was moved, but I can't remember where they did meet. Again, maybe one of our readers knows.

  4. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Okay, that gives me what I needed! I don't suppose you have access to any photos of the interior of the old church, before it was converted?
    Thanks again,

  5. Jackie, I do not have any photos of the intereior of the old A of G church. Again, maybe one of our readers does.

  6. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Jackie, this NC Mainlander had the nicest, unplanned visit with Ivey @ the Assembly of God church in Oct of 2009. As I was winding my way along that direction, enjoying the scenery and headed to the lighthouse and Springer's Point for the upteenth time, Ivey was getting out of his vehicle, headed inside the church building. He paused and greeted me. We struck up a conversation and I explained I had just recently played for a wedding at the OMC. As the conversation continued and I began asking him questions on the history of the his church, Ivey invited me inside to see the new building and he shared a lot of the church history. There are also pictures, etc from the original church inside the new building.

    I felt very blessed that day to have been given a personal tour of the church and to hear about the history of that congregation. Thank you, Ivey, for your kindness.

    Maybe if you want more info, in addition to Philip's wonderful 2004 blog, you could also contact Ivey.

    Before I sign off, I just want to say I have met some of the nicest people in the world on O.I. When I return on the island, I enjoy seeing not only the familiar landmarks on Ocracoke, but talking to the folks, whom I have met over the years, is such a special joy. I treasure it.