Friday, November 11, 2011

Saltwater Connections

Saltwater Connections is a regional initiative aimed at sustaining livelihoods, cultural heritage, and natural resources along North Carolina’s central coast, from Hatteras Island to Ocracoke and Down East Carteret County. I thought our readers might be interested in taking a look at their web site:

Saltwater Connections has planned several events of interest to Ocracoke residents and visitors. The Resource Team will be on the island for a Pot Luck Dinner on November 14 [earlier I had mistakenly written November 13], 2011 at 6:00 PM at the Ocracoke Community Center. Come out to meet the team. Meetings to discuss topics that are important for the sustainability of our island community will be held all day November 14 & 15, including evenings. There is more information here:

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is an article written by my Uncle Marvin in 1954. You can read it here:


  1. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Philip, if I may use your wonderful blog to inform everyone the newest addition to the NC ferry fleet is nearly ready for service. It was recently christened. Great article on the NC ferry web-site. This vessel is ADA approved and has an elevator. It also will sail faster than the existing vessels. Beautiful ferry. Picture included in the article.

    Thanks, Philip, for allowing me to share this exciting info with one and all. Your NC Mainlander appreciates it!

  2. Thanks for alerting our readers about the new ferry.

    Readers can follow this link to read more:

  3. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Is there a schedule for the new ferry available? Since it is faster - would be nice to know when it runs.
    Thanks for great blog Philip.

  4. I haven't heard any news about changes in the ferry schedule because of the new vessel. It would be best to check the official web site:

  5. Anonymous10:25 PM

    What time is church on Sunday?

  6. Here is information about services at the Methodist Church:

    Here is information about servies at the Assembly of God:

    I believe that Roman Catholic Mass is celebrated on Fridays at 6:30 pm, but I am not certain of that time. Mass is held in the Methodist Church Rec. Hall.

  7. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Philip, you are doing a great job as being the unofficial mayor of O.I. Nothing gets by you.....this NC Mainlander says keep on keeping on!

  8. Anonymous11:19 PM

    Hey Philip,

    The Saltwater Connections potluck is Monday night at 6pm. Workshop all day Tuesday, beginning at 9am.