Monday, September 10, 2012

A Touch of Fall

Although there have been a few signs of fall lately, yesterday was the most noticeable. I stepped outside before breakfast and felt the cooler air. I opened my front and back doors, and turned off the air conditioning. A gentle, pleasant breeze wafted through the house. 

Susan Dodd stopped by at 3 o'clock and we went to Clyde and Virginia's for an afternoon visit. I even changed from shorts to blue jeans. We spent about an hour and a half, chatting, sharing stories, and laughing. 

Back home, I sat on my porch enjoying the changing weather, and the beginning of another Ocracoke Island off-season. 

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of midwifery on Ocracoke. You can read it here:


  1. Where I am... The high today is expected to be 68. Great time of the year, in my humble opinion.

  2. debbie s.1:24 PM

    It's always good day when I can pull my halloween sweatshirts out of the closet :)

  3. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Pat said...

    Great weather here in WV too. After the heat I am ready for this. Turned off my AC and opened my windows.

  4. Anonymous6:53 PM

    NC Mainlander is enjoying a gorgeous day in the northern Piedmont of NC, too. It's good to hear folks noticing and appreciating the lovely weather. It's a gift!

    My late husband, Scott, and I used to tell each other, on days like this, "Honey, today is an Ocracoke day!" We would sometimes look at each other and chime in unison. Yes, the touch of autumn on such a gorgous day has indeed brought back good memories.

    I do wish I was on the island, though, to see it myself! Thank goodness for the local web-cams!

  5. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Philip, I hesitate to ask, but NC Mainlander here has been noticing for several days (thanks to the Ocracoke Harbor Inn web-cam) what appears to be barges docked in Silver Lake. If you have noticed it, too, would you mind explaining what exactly this "boat" is?

    Thanks so much for humoring me! You are always "in the know" about "O.I. happenings". :)

  6. Marcy Desulis9:04 PM

    I was on the island last week for an absolutely gorgeous week, but two things I noticed were missing.
    What has happened to the church bell sounding the hour and the silly roosters crowing at all hours? Since I was on Ocracoke last week, I, too, saw the barge. I think it's a dredge, but I didn't see it actually working.
    Am I correct, Philip?

  7. Re. the dredge -- see my post for tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept. 11.