Sunday, September 30, 2012

Glass Snake

There is always something to entertain an eight year old at Ocracoke. Yesterday David & Lachlan discovered a glass snake slithering along in their yard. Here are a few photos. You can click on any one to see a larger image.

Glass Snake...closeup

Glass Snake with Friends

Away She Goes

"Glass snakes" are actually legless lizards. They are in the genus ophisaurus ("snake lizard").

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  1. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Many times when I visit I see (black) snakes crawling arcross the park area road on the island, around the bridges, I make sure to miss them. They keep down a lot of rats and mice where you have grass seed growing. Hand toted a box turtle I found in the road near the school, released him over near the nature trail down by the lighthouse road. I grew up in a small NC fishing town, miss it.

  2. I never fail to learn something from your blogs! Wikipedia shows a number of different 'glass snakes' and gives an explanation for their name. Because they are actually lizards, they can detach parts of their tail to distract predators - the detached piece continues to wiggle around. They also regrow their tails. Very cool!