Thursday, September 27, 2012


Just in case you missed my comment on my post for Saturday, September 22 (A Window Into the Past), Wayne is wearing the striped shirt, Stanley is wearing the white shirt, and I am sitting astride Wayne's pony "Beauty." 

A commenter on that post asked, "Oh, to set your way-back machine to 1956, eh? Bet you'd go back in a heart beat--just for a little visit." No doubt about it...the mid-1950s on Ocracoke was a wonderful, magical time for a young boy. Just looking at the photo you can see that it was "Tom Sayer-ish." Life was simple and uncomplicated -- sandy lanes, no shoes, dungarees rolled up to our ankles, t-shirts (without corporate logos), and a pony without a saddle.

Life on Ocracoke is still good, if different.

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  1. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Hmm if a similar photo where insta-grammed or flickered today... would the youngsters posing be clad in a shirt that read I heart OBX, H & M, an Auburn Tigers tee-shirt or a similar article of clothing allowing for more "insight" into their feelings? Would they even see the need for a group photo as an iphone in hand would and a twitter post away cloud their sense of am espirit de corps. Or would that ferry ride free them of all need to belong to a group and be a life changing chance to reset their moral compass . Or then again if their parent (mom) blogged .........

  2. Anonymous5:25 PM

    everyplace is a magical place for a young boy - or girl!. everyplace is special. even in a city we grew up without out shoes off (maybe not in sand but sweet smelling green grass). it's all special. everyplace is good, if different. stop acting giddy. we lived in key west until I was 15. maybe we didn't have a horse but it was just as good. I just don't spout off everyday about it. I am sure the folks in the mountains are just as giddy about their home but they take it in stride.calm down.

  3. Anonymous11:08 PM

    Extending a warm, virtual hug to anon 525pm. Anyone else care to join?

    And Phillip, your comment--as always--was thoughtful, insightful, and greatly aqppreciated, which draws so many of us to this site--every day.

  4. Anonymous9:29 AM

    if i were there i'd let you hug me.