Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Photos

Today, just a couple of seasonal photos.

View of my House from across the Lane

A closer View of my House

My Christmas Tree

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We suggest you place your orders as early as possible. Unfortunately, because of the closing of the Herbert C. Bonner bridge we are unable to offer expedited shipping this season.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is a 1921 letter written by a former slave, Harrison Williams, to Ocracoke native, Martha Ann Howard Wahab. You can read it here:


  1. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Very nice.
    By the way, do you know when islanders first started to light up their houses for Christmas?

  2. Anonymous11:21 AM

    And what about Christmas trees? Clearly yours wasn't harvested from the island's vast expanse of pine forests. Have Christmas trees been delivered to Ocracoke for as long as you know, or are they a comparatively recent addition to island tradition.

    And what's the going rate for real trees all the way out there. I was delighted to pay just $17.95 for a beautiful Scotch pine this year. The going rate ranges upward from the mid-$20s here in SW PA. I recently considered planting several saplings each year, with an eye toward harvesting my own tree in years to come. Lovely tree. Lovely photos--as always.

    Thanks, Philip.

  3. I'm not really sure when folks started putting lights on their houses. However, 20-30 years ago Ocracoke was pretty dark this time of year. As for Christmas trees, the Variety Store has been selling them for a number of years. I think they were $45 this year. In the "olden days" islanders got cedars from "down below" (that's anywhere on the island north of the village). Of course, nowadays the NPS frowns on us cutting cedars on park land!

  4. Anonymous1:03 AM

    Such festive pics of your house. NC Mainlander wants to see Ocracoke in December. Have listed it on my "bucket list".

  5. debbie s.10:00 AM

    lovely pics! We paid $45 for our tree (just outside raleigh) too.