Wednesday, September 17, 2014


A recent issue of Time magazine ("The Answers Issue, Everything You Never Knew You Needed to Know"), includes some interesting statistics.

Average length of an American worker's one-way commute, in minutes -- 25.5 (for Ocracokers it's maybe 2 or 3)

Percentage of commuters who leave their county to work -- 25% (for Ocracokers this is essentially zero)

Average distance in miles that Americans live from the nearest Walmart-- 6.7 (that's probably about 10 minutes; for Ocracokers it is about 3 hours)

Percentage of Americans who live within 3 miles of McDonalds -- 75% (0% for Ocracokers; we are about 2 1/2 hours from the nearest McDonalds)

Percentage of Americans who live within 60 minutes of a body of water-- 90% (all Ocracokers, of course, live within just a couple of minutes of water)

Percentage of Americans who live within 60 minutes of a National Park -- 75% (all Ocracokers, of course, live within just a few minutes of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore)

Life is in large measure about choices. We islanders generally choose nature, community, and family over convenience, high-paying jobs, and proximity to shopping centers, fast food...even doctors and dentists. Island life is not for everyone.

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  1. Anonymous7:32 AM

    If according to a OI real estate page if the info is current the picture painted by the statistics

    Median age 16
    Average age 41

    Owner occupied 25%
    Rentals 17%
    Not occupied 57%

    Current asking price for a listing on Silver Lake Drive

    A 2bedroom 1 bath $449,500

    yes these statistics paint an interesting picture. I forgot to include the median income-- the mode is never calculated.

    If 57% of the household inventory is unoccupied , does this mean foreclosure or second home not a primary residence?

    PH does the population ebb and flow of long time/we;; known seasonal residents?

    1. I have several comments:
      1. I find it difficult to believe that Ocracoke's median age is 16. Are you sure this is what you read?
      2. The 17% Rentals must be year-round rentals; the 57% Not Occupied must be seasonal rental cottages. These are not foreclosed properties.
      3. I don't understand the last question.

  2. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Oops! median age of an OI House, is 16 years!! The ebb and flow comment was describing the habits of seasonal residents owning the housing inventory categorized as vacant ebb and flow vs turnover where you see new people all the time rather than, oh Mr Jones is on the island for the spring etc etc. According to the math of these numbers-- less than 25% of the housing units on OI are occupied by permanent residents. Is there a problem with squatters?

    1. Most of the rental houses are rented by the week. So there is a regular weekly turnover of vacationers to the island. With that said, some folks rent for two or more weeks at a time...and a very few "summer cottages" are not on the rental market at all. Some owners come to the island regularly, and stay for weeks or months at a time. We also have visitors who do not own property who return to the island year after year. "Squatters" are not a problem.