Monday, September 15, 2014

Counting Toes

The Atlantic Ocean at Ocracoke is almost always a great place for everyone in the family. Unless there is a storm brewing offshore, the ocean is usually safe, but still exciting. The bottom does not drop off suddenly, and the waves can be gentle enough for young children and elders. But sometimes the waves are powerful enough for dramatic boogie-boarding or serious surfing. In addition, the ocean is clean, and the beaches uncluttered

On Saturday the ocean was noticeably different. Lachlan and I went out to the beach in the morning for a quick swim, and stayed for an hour and a half. There were a few waves, but mostly the water was gentle and relaxing. Usually the water is a bit cloudy because constant wave action stirs up the sand. But Saturday the water was so clear that I could stand submerged up to my chin and still clearly see every one of my toes.

Neither Lachan nor I wanted to get out of the water, but we reluctantly went home to have some lunch.

I went back again in the afternoon!


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  1. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Any insight from your experience as to what causes or contributes to water conditions being that way--approaching storms, a storm that's passed, changing seasons, etc?

    I recall days when the sound-side water has been flat like a mirror and others when it's been churning like the inside of a washing machine.

    I remember thinking that a calm day would be terrific for kayaking in the sound.

    How about on the beach side? Did you and Lachlan spend your time differently than on a big-wave day--snorkeling; "actually" swimming (as in a pool) vs. riding the waves; hunting for shells out IN the water vs. merely browsing the ones tossed up on shore?

    Sounds like a great day and another reason whey I love the shore (and Ocracoke in particular)--its ever-changing nature means there's always something new to see or experience, even though you may think you've seen it all already.

    Another great update for us all to experience the island just a little bit, even virtually--as always.

    1. Ocean conditions must be the result of several factors...wind, temperature, currents, storms offshore, etc. On Saturday I did take the opportunity to swim a bit. I also saw a horseshoe crab on the bottom, but discovered, when I picked it up, that it was dead. No seashells, though.