Friday, August 26, 2016

Fig Muffins

Gary Mitchell recently made a 30 minute video of Fiddler Dave making fig muffins. You can watch it here:

There has been some confusion about fig pollination (even in Fiddler Dave's video). For more information, please read my post from August 17, 2016, for a brief explanation of how our parthenocarpic fig trees propagate without pollination by fig wasps. 

Our Ocracoke Newsletter for this month is an article by Philip Howard, My Ocracoke, Living amidst 250 years of Howard family history. You can read it here:


  1. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Is it really magic or food science. The man is enjoying baking, got to love that. But I challenge him to beat the eggs for least five minutes or more before adding the oil next, yes, the oil then an emulsion is created , to then add the sugar slowly. really so much sugar. I suppose I should have watched the video to see if he alternated the flour and the buttermilk additions. I wish he had a cow so he could have real buttermilk.

  2. Julie S.9:41 AM

    I love the verbal commentary by Gary that, when translated by the computer, comes out with funnies like "Hitler Dave" instead if "Fiddler Dave." So many funnies like that only added to the video. Very enjoyable.


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