Friday, August 12, 2016


Several years ago our UPS driver, Grant (now retired), shared the following story.

It seems UPS was evaluating their customer service and operating costs, and decided that the UPS driver serving Ocracoke was highly inefficient. It was taking too long to deliver the number of packages assigned to him. Clearly, UPS upper level managers were unaware of the difficulties associated with delivering to Ocracoke. Not only did the driver have to contend with the normal ferry trip, but weather and mechanical problems with the vessels sometimes added even more travel time.

So UPS assigned an efficiency expert to accompany Grant. They drove down the Outer Banks, boarded the Hatteras ferry, drove the 14 miles to the village, then proceeded to make their deliveries. By mid-afternoon they were on their way back to the ferry. After boarding the ferry Grant opened his bag lunch and began eating a sandwich. The efficiency expert looked at Grant and asked what he was doing. "I'm having my lunch," he said. "Didn't you bring your lunch with you? We don't have time to stop for a break."

I don't know what sort of report the hungry efficiency expert filed, but I never again heard of any question about Grant's UPS service to Ocracoke.

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  1. It's interesting the relationships we develop with our delivery people here. In time most of them become good friends.
    A story I got some years ago came from my friend Burt Hooper. He was a career ferry boat captain on the Hatteras to Ocracoke run. He related a story about how the UPS man once helped deliver a baby on board enroute to Hatteras from Ocracoke.
    I wonder if Grant had anything to do with that.

  2. Anonymous8:26 AM

    I recently encountered a delivery person "on the job" I noticed his unoccupied truck --with the keys in the ignition and the engine running. I entered the public building to use the rest room. In time it took me to take care of my needs the delivery driver had finished the conversation he had with a woman in the entrance to this grand building. He was still in the hall without anything in his hand to deliver. I asked him why the truck was left unattended someone could steal it I said. "Oh they wouldn't want that thing. If they took it they would bring it back he said. I mentioned wasting money with the engine running. and he said dont get me started in wasting money by the school board. " A vehicle should not be left unattended with the engine running I responed. . He explained that he was waylay=ed, talking to someone that he knew and that he had not seen in a while. He finally went over tho the vehicle turned the engine off still left the keys in the truck walked off to enter the building. I told he he should be part of the solution and not part of the problem of wasting school board monies. He said something about have a nice day and Leave me alone. HAHA. I said thank you Donald I will share that with your supervisor. His name was on his shirt. Ha,