Thursday, August 11, 2016

Figs & Peaches

It is fig season on Ocracoke, and pots are boiling in kitchens all over the island.

Trudy and Tammy Austin, native island sisters, are putting up fig preserves as fast as they can pick the figs. But their preserves are a bit different from other folks' preserves. Trudy and Tammy combine peaches with their figs.

If you are on the island, be sure to come out to the Community Square tomorrow  (for the 3rd annual Ocracoke Fig Festival) to hear Chester Lynn give his presentation about Ocracoke Island figs. You can also see...and sample...traditional and innovative island fig cakes! And Trudy will have her fig/peach preserves for sale (as long as they last!).

Our latest Ocracoke Newletter is the story of Augustus Cabarrus, early inlet pilot, and the present day d'Oelsnitz family. Click here to read the Newsletter: Ocracoke...The French Connection

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  1. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Will anyone/organization record Chester Lynn's treatise on figs and release it as a podcast? Technology can allow the OI history to embark on an outreach if there are those that are so inclined to embrace it. One thinks the Smithsonian Institution's dedication to preserving a way of life by documenting these aspects of regional traditions would. No doubt a well heeled visitor that reads this Could fig-cillitate a contact and point someone in the right direction.Good Luck.