Monday, August 01, 2016

Molasses Creek

Ocracoke's popular Roots band, Molasses Creek, has recently been up to some exciting adventures, and they just published their latest blog. Early in the summer they teamed up with an Italian film crew, and shot a fun video (below is a still shot of David, Kim, Gary, and Gerald).

The blog post also includes information about an upcoming concert at the Buck County Cabaret in New Hope, Pa. on Friday, September 23rd & Saturday, Sept 24th. Also, Gary & Fiddler Dave give a tutorial on making fig muffins. You can read all about their latest adventures here:

Our latest Ocracoke Newletter is the story of Augustus Cabarrus, early inlet pilot, and the present day d'Oelsnitz family. Click here to read the Newsletter: Ocracoke...The French Connection.   

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