Tuesday, November 15, 2016

1000 Floors

Sunday, as I climbed the ramp after my daily walk on the beach, I stopped to chat with one of my neighbors. She shared the following story about her experience on the beach recently.

The weather on the island these past few weeks has been spectacular...pleasant temperatures, bright skies, and warm ocean water...and hardly anyone else on the beach once you get some distance from the walk-over ramps. There was no one as far as she could see, so the neighbor decided to strip down, lay her watch, wallet, glasses, Fitbit wristband, and mobile phone on her clothes, and jump into the ocean.

After a refreshing swim she stepped out of the water to retrieve her clothes. She was surprised to discover that her $150.00 Fitbit was missing. She was convinced that one of the many fiddler crabs had snatched it and carried it into its burrow. But after fruitlessly digging around in the sand for more than 30 minutes she finally resigned herself to not being able to retrieve her expensive wristband.   

Two days later she received a message on her computer from Fitbit. The device's transmitted information confirmed extraordinary achievement in a short amount of time. She was congratulated on earning a Skydiver Badge.  "By climbing 1000 floors, you're as high as you'd be if you were skydiving," the message enthused.

Of course....the Fitbit thief was a seagull, not a fiddler crab!

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  1. Debbie Leonard10:48 AM

    Those seagulls are rascals! We had one take a hotdog off a grill at the campground once. I wouldn't put anything past them! Thanks for this funny story.

  2. Interesting that the FitBit could detect altitude, and am wondering if there is a GPS feature that would help locate the device.

    1. It is probably on the ocean floor...but maybe it is lying on the beach.

  3. That is a great story! Seagulls-- wharf rats with wings

  4. Anonymous5:27 PM

    good post, funny, thanks

  5. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Could have been a crow too. We had one swipe a pack of peanut butter crackers out of a bag in the back of our Bronco once when were all in the ocean. Saw him do it!

  6. Anonymous7:29 AM

    One hundred and fifty dollars! Well that's $150 worth of "junk" food not eaten. I think I will muster up some grit, gumption and find a running partner with a fit bit, then ask "how you doing, what's the fit bit say?".

  7. Lisa/OH11:09 AM

    Sorry that she lost her fitbit, but love the story!