Thursday, June 15, 2017

43 Years Ago

We are wondering how many of our readers can identify this small business. It was established in 1974 (it was where my son had his first paying job). The business is still in operation, on the same property, but in a much larger new building.

If you think you know, please leave your answer in a comment below.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of the Aleta, Ocracoke's mailboat from 1944-1952, compliments of the Core Sound Museum. Click on the following link for photos, text, and audio recordings about this iconic vessel: 


  1. Anonymous11:49 AM

    The Slushy Stand?

  2. Julie S.12:25 PM

    Village Craftman?

  3. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Brrrr. I say the Slushy Stand too. Really sounds like The place for a Summer Job back then, forty three years ago.

  4. Anonymous5:42 PM

    the slushy stand of course, and it's best look. small, quick, friendly, and a nice hangout for us vacation kids on our bikes and Amy was always leaning over the counter smiling and talking to all the strollers...she was always nice to us. Thank Amy. Sara

  5. The Slushy Stand it is (was). As usual, things were simpler back then. But Amy is still as friendly and nice as she was many years ago!

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  7. Anonymous4:00 PM

    When was the new (not now so new) slushy stand built?

    1. My daughter Amy and I are not certain, but we think it must have been in the early 1990s. Maybe another reader knows for sure.


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